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RMB Universal Life Insurance Plan

RMB Universal Life Insurance Plan ("the Plan") is an insurance plan that provides you with both opportunities in financial planning and whole life protection. With RMB as the policy currency and other flexible features, the Plan allows you to prepare your future with ease.

Unlike traditional life insurance plans, this customized life insurance plan can help to meet your needs and financial goals at different life stages by flexibly managing the amount of premium or exercising Premium Holiday1.


Plan Features:

RMB as the Policy Currency

The policy currency of the Plan is RMB, which may bring you the potential opportunity of wealth appreciation.


Regular Interest Income

Interest will accrue on the Account Value2 according to the crediting interest rate3. The crediting interest rate will not be less than 2.5% per annum during the first 10 policy years, providing you with stable and sustainable interest income. The crediting interest rate may vary from time to time. The latest crediting interest rate can be enquired via the webiste of BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited ("BOCG Life") ( or branches of agent banks.


Financial Goals

Apart from Target Premium4, you can choose to contribute Scheduled Top-up Premium5 and Unscheduled Top-up Premium6, helping yourself to achieve your financial goals faster.


Flexible Financial Planning Solution

You can exercise Premium Holiday1 starting from the 2nd policy year if the account value is sufficient to pay the monthly fees. Besides, you can also make partial withdrawals7 from the account, reduce the amount of or cease paying Scheduled Top-up Premium to meet the financial needs at different life stages, which will however affect the death benefit amount.

Whole Life Protection

The Plan provides life protection coverage till the insured reaches the age of 100. In the unfortunate event of the insured's death while the policy is in force, the death benefit is equal to 100% of the sum insured plus Account Value less any overdue cost of insurance and policy fee (if applicable) as at the date of the insured's death.


Simple Application8 with No Medical Examination Required

24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services9

Easy access to 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services9, covering emergency medical assistance and referral services, and other assistance services.

Crediting Interest Rate
Declared Crediting Interest Rate
Policy Application Date Declared Crediting Interest Apply Date Declared Crediting Interest Rate (p.a.)
From                      To                                  From                        To
3 October 2012 5 July 2014 3 October 2012 Until declared by the Company 4.00%
13 July 2011 2 October 2012 30 August 2011 Until declared by the Company 3.58%
13 July 2011 29 August 2011 3.50%
Updated on 31 March 2014 (Hong Kong Time)

Minimum Crediting Interest Rate
Policy Application Date Minimum Crediting Interest Rate* (p.a.)
From To
7 October 2013 5 July 2014 First policy year: 4.00%
Second policy year: 3.58%
Third policy year and thereafter: 2.50%
3 October 2012 5 October 2013 First 2 policy years: 4.00%
3rd policy year and thereafter: 2.50%
13 July 2011 2 October 2012 2.50%
* BOCG Life reserved the right to review the Minimum Crediting Interest Rate on every 10th policy anniversary.
Updated on 31 March 2014 (Hong Kong Time)

Philosophy in Deciding Crediting Interest Rate (CIR)

CIR is not guaranteed and shall be decided by us. Actual CIR may be higher or lower than the rates assumed in the illustration document during the time of policy purchase. In general, we will base on a number of factors, including but not limited to market conditions, actual investment performance and future investment expectation, to determine the actual CIR. Future CIR may vary from time to time over the policy term, but will never be less than the Minimum CIR as specified in the policy provisions, subsequent endorsements or amendments of your policy.


Basic Eligibility Requirements
Issue Age Aged 0 (starting from 15 days after birth) to aged 70
Premium Payment Period To age 100
Coverage Period To age 100
Policy Currency RMB
Minimum Sum Insured RMB 300,000 (Age 55 or below)
RMB 100,000 (Age 56 or above)
Premium Payment Mode Annual (Target Premium and Scheduled Top-up Premium)
Premium Payment Method Premiums paid in HKD Autopay / Cheque / Cash
Premiums paid in RMB Transfer through RMB Account
 Surrender Value Surrender Charge10 is deducted from Account Value2 upon surrender (if applicable) 

Grasp this opportunity! Act Now!

For enquiries, please visit any branches of the following banks, or call Enquiry Hotline at (852) 2860 0688.
‧Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
‧Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited
‧Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited


Risk disclosure of RMB insurance:

RMB policy is subject to exchange rate risk. The exchange rate between RMB and HKD may rise as well as fall. Therefore, if calculated in HKD, premiums, fees and charges (where applicable), account value/surrender value and other benefits payable under RMB policy will vary with the exchange rate. The exchange rate between RMB and HKD will be the market-based prevailing exchange rate determined by BOCG Life from time to time, which may not be the same as the spot rate of banks.  The fluctuation in exchange rate may result in losses if a customer chooses to pay premiums in HKD, or requests the insurer to pay the account value/surrender value or other benefits payable in HKD, for RMB policy. RMB is currently not freely convertible.  Hong Kong residents conduct conversion of RMB through bank accounts are subject to daily limit and they should allow time for exchange of RMB from/to another currency of a RMB amount exceeding the daily limit.  Non-Hong Kong Residents (i.e. individuals who are not holders of Hong Kong Identity Card) that intend to conduct conversion of RMB through the banks may occasionally not be able to do so fully or immediately, for which it is subject to the RMB position of the banks and their commercial decision at that moment.

  1. Premium Holiday can be exercised starting from the 2nd policy year. During Premium Holiday, you are not required to pay Target Premium and Scheduled Top-up Premium, but you can choose to contribute Unscheduled Top-up Premium (if applicable). Further, during the Premium Holiday, cost of insurance and policy fee will be deducted from the Account Value, thus affecting the death benefit amount. If the Account Value is not sufficient to pay the above-mentioned fees, the policy will lapse after the end of grace period. 
  2. Account Value equals total premiums paid (minus premium charge, cost of insurance and policy fee), plus interest, less partial withdrawal amount and withdrawal charge (if applicable).
  3. The crediting interest rate is an interest rate declared by BOCG Life and is subject to change from time to time. The minimum crediting interest rate will be reviewed on every 10th policy anniversary.
  4. Target Premium will be paid annually and is determined based on the sum insured, age, sex, smoking habit and risk factors.
  5. Scheduled Top-up Premium will be paid annually. Currently, the minimum amount of Scheduled Top-up Premium is RMB30,000 and the maximum amount is 10 times of Target Premium. From the 2nd policy year onwards, you may reduce the amount of the Scheduled Top-up Premium (subject to the minimum requirement of premium amount) or cease payment of such premium at all; yet upon reduction or cessation, the reduced or ceased Scheduled Top-up Premium could not be increased nor resumed. Target Premium and Scheduled Top-up Premium (if applicable) should be paid together. BOCG Life reserves the right to accept or decline any Scheduled Top-up Premium.
  6. Unscheduled Top-up Premium is only applicable from the 1st to 10th policy year. Currently, the minimum amount of Unscheduled Top-up Premium is RMB30,000 and the maximum amount is 10 times of Target Premium or RMB 4,000,000 (whichever is higher). A maximum of one payment of Unscheduled Top-up Premium can be made in each policy year. BOCG Life reserves the right to accept or decline any Unscheduled Top-up Premium.
  7. Partial withdrawal is applicable starting from the 1st policy year. You can make up to two partial withdrawals in each policy year, however you are required to meet the minimum withdrawal amount (currently it is RMB10,000) and minimum Account Value (currently it is RMB50,000) after withdrawal. Partial withdrawal is subject to a withdrawal charge from the 1st to 9th policy year.
  8. Simplified underwriting is only applicable to (1)Residents of Hong Kong and HKID card holders or (2)people gainfully employed in selected cities in the Mainland of China or Macau with HKID card holders. The maximum sum insured for simplified underwriting is RMB 3,000,000 (Age: 0-45); RMB 2,000,000 (Age: 46-55); RMB 1,000,000 (Age: 56-60) and RMB 100,000 (Age: 61-70).
  9. The relevant services are provided by Inter Partner Assistance Hong Kong Limited in accordance with the Conditions for Services pursuant to “Life Insurance Supplementary Emergency Assistance Services and Benefits”. The services are not guaranteed for renewal, BOCG Life reserves the right to withhold or amend the said services at its sole discretion.
  10. Surrender charge is charged in different percentage according to different policy year.  For details, please refer to insurance proposals and policy provisions issued by BOCG Life.

Important Notes:

  • The Plan is underwritten by BOCG Life.
  • BOCG Life reserves the right to decide at its sole discretion whether to accept or decline any application for the Plan.
  • Major Insurance agents:
    • Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
    • Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited
    • Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited
In case of any inconsistency(ies) between the Chinese version and the English version of this promotional material, the English version shall prevail.

This promotional material is for reference only and is intended to be distributed in Hong Kong only. It shall not be construed as an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any products of BOCG Life outside Hong Kong. Please refer to the policy provisions issued by BOCG Life for details (including fees and charges, detailed terms, conditions and exclusions) of the Plan.